Sato WBGT SK-150GT Heat Stress Monitor
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The SK-150GT is a handy type instrument that can measure WBGT (*) index, temperature, humidity and globe temperature. This can be used as a guide for preventing a heat illness and estimating heat stress of working and activity related environments.
 *WBGT: Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

By visually observing the sensory temperature, a heat stress can be prevented. The SK-150GT would come in handy at following situations.
Gymnastic classes or outdoor activities in schools
Indoor and outdoor sports activities
In high temperature working environments
Construction sites

* WBGT Index :
The process for determining the WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) is described in ISO 7243 / JIS Z8504, Hot Environments - Estimation of the Heat Stress on Working Man, based on the WBGT Index. The WBGT index is a sensory temperature which can be calculated from wet bulb temperature, globe temperature (radiation heat) and dry bulb temperature. It is necessary to set the measuring ambient before starting since different calculation is needed depending on its measuring ambient.
(1) Indoor (IN): when measuring indoor or outdoor away from direct sun light.
WBGT Index(°C) = 0.7 x Wet Bulb Temperature(°C) + 0.3 Globe x Temperature(°C)
(2) Outdoor (OUT): when measuring outdoor, under direct sun light.
WBGT Index(°C) = 0.7 x Wet Bulb Temperature(°C) + 0.2 x Globe Temperature(°C) + 0.1 × Dry Bulb Temperature(°C)

Heat Stress :
Heat stress is a condition that temperature regulation function decreases by high temperature ambient. This could cause a heat related illness and even ultimately death. The risk can be reduced by observing the surrounding ambient and by being aware of precautions of heat stroke such as overheating and dehydration.

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